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Everything you need to know about purchasing and the checkout process

Master the Credit Game is a digital program Wallet Monkey offers that you can get more information on here.

MTCG is a combination of Discord access and digital training course access. All our digital training is housed in an easy to follow and track course structure where you can track by each lesson, allowing you to complete and of course come back and finish.

Since you have full access to all training courses right away you can jump around and don't have to worry about content dripping out over time, you get 100% access from day one.

We currently offer payment processing through most major credit cards and apple pay. Even though there is a high success rate of checkouts, sometimes there are issues with credit cards, phone numbers, etc.

We suggest you reach out to Stripe directly with checkout form/payment issues, with small issues we can help but things like your credit card not being accepted or failing fraud checks, we cannot help with.

Understand during the checkout process you will be creating your user account to access the members training and be asked to link up your Discord account to grant you new role access, that happens automatically after you 'connect it'.

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