Login & Password Resetting

Understanding Logins & Password Resetting For Your Account

Everyone who wants to view the data pages on Walletmonkey.io now has to have a free account setup in order to unlock the pages to view.

You will know when you have come across a locked down page as you will get a popup telling you to login or create a free account.

Lets walk through that, here is how it looks when you first see it and how to register a free account

Please understand if your username doesn't work for login, it will tell you that with an error message and you should use your email that you used to register with.

Also keep in mind that an automated email gets sent out to you after you have registered with your account info, 99% chance of that first email hitting your SPAM messages, be sure to move over to your inbox or mark NOT AS SPAM to ensure you get future emails when trying to reset your password or from us on system upgrades/changes.

If you wanted to reset your password, here is what that would look like

There really isn't much you need to do outside of that, just remember the username and password you used or add it to your favorite password tool so it auto fills every time you want to login.

You can also login by going here

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