Membership Levels

This page will describe all the member roles and levels we have in our discord

  • Member Role- This is the free role given out to all new members that join the server and gives you access to a handful of channels

  • OG Member Role- This is the paid role that everyone gets when they upgrade to "OG" on the server, giving you access to 40+ more channels and training programs.

  • Mastermind Role- This is the role that comes with those who enrolled into our Mastermind program, chances are high its closed but you can join the wait list here, in case we bring it back in the future.

  • Moderator Role- These are our trusted Knights to help us keep everything order, they are signified with a blue color so if you need help reach out to them

What should I do if I have a support issue?

We have a ticketing system built into the discord, you can access that on #upgrade-help channel

If you are having issues with Discord itself, checkout their documentation here

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